Lawless imposter monastery directs Greek Coast Guard to "seize" Esphigmenou's boat.

The Holy Municipal Building

The 27th of October, 2005

Protocol Number F23.5/54


To the Port Authority at Ierisso

Relative to

a) Prot. No.7348/21/6.10.2005 document D.A.O. (Greek Government Direct for the Holy Mountain )

b) Prot. No. F2.3.5/27

c) From 18th/10th, October, 2005 (Greek Government Director for Mount Athos )


Dear Sirs:

With this letter, its signatories and with the Holy Seal of our Monastery, subsequent to the related document addressed to us from the (Greek Government’s) Director for Mount Athos, on the 18thOctober 2005, we request that you, for the fundamental and essential protection of our Holy Esphigmenou Monastery, without fail check the vessels which are associated with our Sacred Monastery.

For example, scheduled trips from Ierissos are being taken in the name of the Holy Monastery of Esphigmenou using the vessel with the name Saint Esphigmenitis with Number 2-70 of the year 2002. This vessel is being used by unknowns, without our permission and against our will, we ask that you immediately surrender these to us and we therefore expect you to contact and consult with us directly.

If these vessels are perhaps being used by the illegal occupiers of the main complex of buildings of the Monastery, or, are in any way providing services for them, even if by a third party, we ask that their approach to the Monastery be prohibited and blockaded with all means [at your disposal], except if it [the vessel] first asks for permission from our Sacred Monastery, which is legally represented by us.

The Abbot of the Holy Monastery Esphigmenou

(signature) Archimandrite Chrysostomos

And the brothers with me in Christ